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Brian's Games

Game design director, author, and escape room consultant, currently at Steel Wool Studios and working with the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. Brian's goal is to use his experience to help companies make engaging, narrative based games, whether they are video games or escape rooms.


December 16, 2022

Five Nights at Freddy's:
Security Breach

Five Night's at Freddy's: Security breach is a survival horror game, where you play a young boy trapped in Freddy's Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. You'll have Freddy's help this time as you uncover the truth behind what is going on. Will you survive until dawn?



Ozaria is designed to teach children to code while also presenting them with a compelling narrative. It differs from other coding games because it teaches through actual typing of code rather than programming blocks. This helps kids build writing habits that are transferable to real-world coding.

MC Netflix 2.jpg


Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix

Jessie, Petra and friends head over to Netflix! Still one of the most popular games on the streaming platform, this port of Minecraft: Story Mode had to be designed almost from the ground up. There was even technical advances they had to put in place just for the team! 


Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 2

Season 2 was the first full season Brian worked on at Telltale from the very beginning. He was involved in the creation of the overall story as well as the characters and character arcs. He also helped create the season’s extremely meta villain, the Admin.

Mindcraft Story Mode Season 2 small.jpg
Minecraft Episode 6.jpg


Minecraft: Story Mode Ep 6 - 8

Youtubers, killer robots and deadly spleef  tournaments. These are the crazy concepts for Minecraft Story Mode's only DLC adventure pack. As Jessie and the gang hop from world to world, Brian and the lead writer, Eric Stirpe, had the freedom to find the crazy fun of the Minecraft universe. 


Minecraft: Story Mode, Season 1, Episode 4

Minecraft: Story Mode is a point-and-click adventure based on the sandbox video game Minecraft. Brian worked on this stunning climax to the first season's arc, bringing everything to a close for Jessie and their friends. 



Tales Title.jpg

Tales From the Borderlands, Episode 3

Tales From the Borderlands is a point-and-click, comedy adventure game set in the Borderlands universe. The story follows Rhys and Fiona as they search for a legendary vault said to contain fabulous treasures. This was Brian's first game for Telltale. 


Lichdom: Battlemage

Lichdom: Battlemage is a first person magical role playing game where the player creates their own magical weapons in a dark world. Brian was in charge of the narrative, and the narrative design. 

Lichdom Title_edited.jpg
Epic Mickey Title.jpg


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Epic Mickey 2 is a platformer taking place in a whimsical world populated by Disney characters both classic and new.  Brian helped write for Oswald and give the Lucky Rabbit a voice for the first time ever. 


WWE: All Stars

WWE All Stars is a combination fighting/wrestling game that sees wrestlers from throughout the WWE franchise competing in fast-paced matches. In addition to designing the various match types, Brian was responsible for making sure his favorite wrestler of all time, Eddie Guerrero, made it into the game.

All Stars Title 2.jpg


Spongebob: Globs of Doom

The first project of his that his son could play, Brian had a blast designing levels for Spongebob and friends. He will always remember when he was given the Jimmy Neutron levels, the first thing he did was go home and ask his son what  he would like to see in the game. 


Run Like Hell: Hunt Or Be Hunted

Originally designed as a survival horror, ala Resident Evil, Run Like Hell became an sci-fi action thriller and a cult classic. Brian wrote the entire story himself, all 4 and a half hours of it, and had his first experience in the voice over booth, alongside actors such as Clancy Brown, Lance Hendrickson and Kate Mulgrew. 

RLH Title.jpg
Starfleet Academy Title.jpg


Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

Join Sulu, Chekov and the immortal James T. Kirk as they teach the next generation of Starfleet captains. Brian got his first taste of writing in someone's else voice on this project, a skill he would hone and build for years to come. 


Fallout: A Post Nuclear RPG

Welcome to the wasteland. Fallout has been praised for it's influence on computer role playing games, with it's open world, non linear story, and willingness to let the player choose who they want to be. The lessons Brian learned about player choice and design were the starting point for all his games to come. 

Fallout Title.jpg
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